Reflecting on 2018 and Preparing for 2019

Can you believe that tomorrow is December and we are on the countdown to Christmas and therefore to the end of the year? December is always a great month to do some planning, building on our last blog post we are bringing you a range of tools and ideas on how you can plan for an amazing 2019.

Today we focus on an old favourite, SWOT. Most people know what this is but how often do you use it? SWOT is simply a structure to help you think about where you might want to place some focus and therefore can be a great starting point. Where PESTLE is an external scan, SWOT focuses on internal factors as well as the external threats and opportunities, therefore, providing you with a balanced view and giving you some ideas for actions you can take.

A SWOT analysis is a great team meeting exercise, often your teams will see things you don’t and hear directly from customers, therefore, taking the time to listen to their ideas and respond to them (even if to say no) is a great engagement tool.

SWOT stands for

STRENGTHS: What is your business really good at? Where are you succeeding? What strengths does your team have?

WEAKNESSES: Where could you improve? Where do you have a risk in the business? What gaps have been evident this year?

OPPORTUNITIES: What could you do differently? What could you capitalise on that you are not currently? How can you improve your service?

THREATS: What threats are there (externally or internally) in the year ahead? What might change and what impact might that have?

*If you have completed the PESTLE ENvironmental Scan, SWOT is a tool that can make sense of what you have identified and create action.


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